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Security is too important; Make it a part of your Strategic Defense Initiative

Cloud computing is the new buzz word in transforming the ways in which organizations of all sizes are collaborating the world over. Successful embracement of Cloud concepts demands a secure environment for the infrastructure and it must make organizations feel confident that their data, networks and architectures are free from breaches.

Iflowsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure security solutions are tuned to meet multiple challenges that small and big enterprises face in their journey toward embracing hybrid IT. Whether you are just making a beginning or have already transited, our solutions will help your protect sensitive data and applications. It is over objective to eliminate risks and put you on the path to compliance to give your people of mind in the cloud computing environment.

Security Assessment

Our security specialist will thoroughly examine the risk factors particular to the environment of your assets and create a fool-proof model

Analysis & Report

Iflowsoft’s expert security experts will thoroughly examine security issues specific to you with cost-benefit analysis for determining the solutions

Security Roadmap

Iflowsoft will prioritize specific areas where challenges are deep and consolidate a plan of action

Strategy Framework

Strategizing and automating is an integral part of providing the best security environment in which we excel

Cloud security is a reality and an opportunity to take your business ahead with improved defense and reduced risk.

Services Offered

Keeping out threats from your cloud environment is a practical proposition and can be achieved by incorporating standardized, automated and elastic approaches as against a manual, static or a reactive procedure. Iflowsoft’s approach toward cloud security is two pronged: managing the services and providing consultations to strengthen your defenses against threat.

Cloud Computing Consulting Services

World-class Infrastructure Support

Join over a million companies already running on Google Cloud Platform

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Build, test and deploy using Amazon's Cloud Infrastructure

Benefits of Cloud Security By iflowsoft

Manage identity and access cloud assets efficiently

Consolidate and strengthen application

Audit data and keep a tab on real-time basis

Vulnerability analysis and management system

Cloud-based data loss prevention protocol

Comply with statutory security threats

Businesses prefer us because we help to drive cost down, bring flexibility, ensure security and compliance in mission-critical applications.

  • Increase profitability with accelerated time-to-market
  • Boost the capability of your IT infrastructure
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Managed virtualized processes
  • Enable workforce collaboration

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