The World of Augmented Reality

Retail, entertainment, education services, publishing and manufacturing are the five core sectors where Augmented Reality (AR) is seeing unprecedented growth. AR technology finds application even in gaming, governance and armed forces. Primarily AR has transformed the ways in which the public interact in the digital environment giving the users an unprecedented experience and expand their view of the world. AR enables consumers to air their opinions and thoughts using the cyber space and exchange ideas that were simply impossible couple decades before.

Enterprises in single or multiple settings have realized that Virtual Reality (VR) and AR technologies give organizations improved Rate of Return (ROI) and justify investments. An offshoot of VR and AR is assisted reality. AR and VR solutions are the future of businesses that deliver field services as an important business component.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a way of providing additional assistance and information along the path of vision. You can see AR in premium brand cars for example where the driver not only can see through the windshield but also gets precise information like permissible speed, navigational instructions and even the next turn you are about to negotiate. This is a big advantage for motorists because it lets them to concentrate on the traffic rather than look into the dashboard. Technologically this is not entirely new; it has been in use in military planes for quite some time, but what we emphasize is that it is now affordable for common people.

Military planes used cumbersome projectors, but smart glass and mobile devices nowadays make this possible comparably at lower costs. Google and Vuzix, well known smart glass manufacturers deliver this experience through their mobile devices and give the same experience pilots once enjoyed. Smart glasses allow users to keep their vision up – a big advantage really. You get more too – navigation instructions, turns to take and maintenance tips – just to name a few.

AR technology has the potential to fix it the first itself ability and bring down the time required for repairing. In addition to saving time technicians will be better placed to service more complaints, making AR a perfect proposition for reducing costs and increasing productivity. It is kind of a force multiplier. AR is further preferred as an impeccable training tool as well and is perfect for executing on the site.

Iflowsoft provides clients with multiple AR solutions. Know how you Augment Your Brand in Reality.

Mobile & Web AR Application

The scope for using mobile devices is on the rise and has found new applications. Most mobile apps are either Android or IOS and 3D objects and live videos are made using these technologies. Digital processing merges real and virtual work to present a real time scenario. In other words it like infusing life into a car, game or an animated character. Users will find it useful for communication needs that are extremely challenging. The present trend is toward making devices and equipment that are friendly and interactive. It helps to increase sales manifold.

AR Application Development Services, Virtual Reality Application Development Company

On Ground Activation

It is not uncommon to see people at public places like malls, museums, railroads and airports using interactive devices for promotional purposes.

Augmented Product Displays

The most common places where one can see augmented products are on-stand kiosks that help consumers to visualize the products as if they are live.

Interactive Kiosk

The biggest advantage with augmented content is that it is interactive and involves the users immensely. It is a big advantage for promoting brands.


Retailers are likely to benefit the most from technologies that make it possible to add more products for selling. Here is how retailers can use technologies for multiplying their product lines and sales.

  • AR for shopping online
  • AR apps for virtual retail stores
  • Augmented Reality as a product marker to increase sales
  • AR promotional supplemented with web content, product visuals, promotional etc
  • 3D product preview at points of sale
  • Comprehensive product information display
  • Visualize product catalogs
  • Window shopping with AR assistance


Gaming is another vertical that is undergoing sea changes. Driving this change is the introduction of augmented reality that seeks to bring reality into play. AR technologies are making inroad that makes it possible for game developers and designers to give extreme experience for end users who use Smartphone and tablets.


Print-to-mobile is a high priority area for publishers and advertisers to convey ideas and thoughts. The reasons are manifold – it heightens the advertisers’ ability to engage consumers through the use of image recognition. Print has become upward mobile and print-to-mobile AR activation is a perfect example that is able to gain readers attention and engage them deeply.

AR Glasses

AR Glasses is enough evidence to prove that technology has come to stay and it can work miracles. AR is a game changer altogether and has demonstrated how virtual information overlaid in eyepieces can help save time and resources in ways that were impossible in the past. AR glasses are about to drive growth in unprecedented ways.

Virtual Reality

Look, feel and experience the real world in its truest form and depth

Virtual Reality as a Service [VRaaS]

Cloud computing offers multiple advantages – share resources, store data and compute. Cloud service providers offer services over web and mobile apps. Services include such as: SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are some methods of offering services. Applications use one or more of these services. Possibly some applications may not perform up to expectations especially Virtual Reality applications. To tackle this, service providers offer VRaaS (Virtual Reality as a Service).

Virtual Reality / Visualization Solutions

Iflowsoft is an accomplished VRaaS (Virtual Reality/Visualization service provider) with highly creative professionals with technical expertise on interactive, real-time engineering and design review. In addition we also offer services for data analysis, training, presentation and command and control operations. Our services are unparalleled in terms of technologies and products. Our services are available for integrating complex virtual reality across a wide spectrum such as tracking, haptic feedback and more.

Our Patron Industries include

  • Manufacturing
  • Defense and Security establishments
  • Energy Producers
  • Science centers and museums

We offer

  • Over-head mounted Display systems (HMD)
  • Binocular Omni-orientation Monitor (BOOM)
  • Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)
  • Input devices and sensual driven technologies
  • Shared virtual environments
  • Immersive and non-immersive virtual reality
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
  • Virtual Reality-reality technologies
  • Virtual Reality applications and solutions
  • Projectors – Extron, Chestron, Christie, BOXX, Visualization Systems

You can expect best in class realism, superior image quality combined with performance. We assure our customers of a virtual world nearly as perfect as the physical world. Our services will make it possible for customers to do more in less time resulting in big cost savings and at the same time improving quality, productivity, efficiency and flexibility. You will gain from new insights and reach set goals without compromising on quality or standards.

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